Self Care Summer Series

Ona Cleckley 
Owner of Sol. Soul. Sole
cultivating conscious communities

I love introducing others to yoga. The vision behind the Sol. Soul. Sole. Yoga is making yoga available to people who never imagined it could be, especially black and brown men, women and children! Although, ALL are welcome here, I aim to be a representation and inspiration to people who look like me. 

The mission is to cultivate conscious communities by fostering a collective mindset that prioritizes mindfulness, sustainability, social responsibility, and personal growth. This is a movement that raises awareness to our actions, impact, and interconnectedness with others and the environment. This is the foundation of unity.

A cornerstone of my purpose is to make yoga a mental, physical & spiritual recalibration tool that is assessable to all. My guidance is centered around making you aware enough to connect with your body in an honest and appreciative way for the purpose of maintaining a temple in which with your spirit can flow freely. 

Your true nature can be experienced through mindfully practicing gentle movement, familiarizing yourself with your life force energy, and creating gap between the world around you and your authenticity through meditation. There is so much more to yoga than the physical aspect that most people generalize it to.

I take a foundational approach when guiding sessions and focus heavily on alignment. I draw inspiration from scriptures that align with the intentions of the poses and reflect on how they relate to your yoga practice and life. Most classes are designed specifically for people who are new in practice and faith.

Sol. Soul. Sole. Yoga is being birthed into a faith-based platform that houses a full digital content library where you will find the tools necessary for cultivating your own practice that consist of yoga, breathwork, mindfulness & meditation. The idea behind this is being able to be of service in a way that can be accessed by you at any point throughout your day. 

I am fully aware of the apprehension people have when beginning something new! This is why I aim to make you comfortable inside a space you identify as safe. I realize in person studios are not always that.

Coming Fall 2023

Our team is working diligently to bring Sol. Soul. Sole. to life. As for now, follow our journey through our Instagram @Sol.Soul.Sole.Yoga 

Upcoming Events: 
 Kids and Kids-at-Heart Virtual Yoga 
8/19 - 10am EST