The Hearts Behind SaySoSoul

Atiya Bloom Founder & Creator of SaySoSoul Affirmation Cards

Atiya Bloom is a Certified Health & Nutrition Coach, as well as, the Writer and Creator of SaySoSoul. 

She first felt inspired to work with personal development practices and spiritual tools when healing her own relationship with depression and anxiety. Since then, she has built 10+ years of experience learning different healing modalities and opening to her innate healing nature. 

Atiya aims to help people navigate their own challenges with more ease like she did for herself. She has a gift for holding space for others, and creating safe, secure offerings that support gentle souls. 

Working with Atiya is both light and empowering, as she invites you to see the influence of your experiences and re-write the narrative to live on your own terms.  

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Madison Sinsel is an artist, illustrator, and designer based in Denver, CO.

Madi and Atiya organically connected during a women's ambassador program by Aerie, centered around body positivity and simply being yourself. After years of celebrating each other's journey, it only felt right to team together with the intention to bring something beautifully healing to the world.
Madi graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder's College of Media, Communication, and Information (CMCI) in 2021 with a B.S. in Media Design, as well as a minor in art with a focus on illustration.
She has always been drawn to art that explores human connection in unique and compelling forms. Much of her work is influenced by femininity, nature, and celestial bodies. Line work is a way for her art to flow effortlessly into itself, and she's always loved the simple beauty behind one-line and abstract artworks.