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Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki is a hands-off energy healing technique that promotes relaxation, & reduces stress and anxiety. Reiki practitioners channel energy through their hands to your body, improving the flow and balance of your energy to support personal healing.

This session includes an open-hearted consultation to identify your goals in working together. Atiya Bloom will scan your energetic body to spot blocks, deliver intuitive messages, and send healing to your energetic wounds & points of strength. During the debrief, you will receive practical & spiritual guidance to address what was made known during our session.

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Intuitive Readings

Intuitive readings are a self-discovery tool that provides a better understanding of oneself, life lessons, and a discovery of the current opportunities available to shift, heal, and grow. Whether faced with seemingly unattainable goals, challenging issues or concerns, or any chronic conditions or faced with a life experience that seems to be going well, an intuitive reading is like a mirror reflecting back with insights to illustrate choices available to you on your path.





Integrative Health Nutrition Coach Wilmington North Carolina Atiya Bloom

Integrative Health Coaching
(Coming 2023)

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